Cannoli: Sweet Ricotta-Filled Italian Treat

Must Try

Irresistible, sweet, and fluffy, cannoli is a traditional Italian treat that has taken over the taste buds of many all over the world. Filled with creamy ricotta cheese and sprinkled with sweet confectioners’ sugar, cannoli is a heavenly pastry that can’t be missed. In this article, we’ll dive into the origins and history of this delicious dessert and explain the process to make your own perfect cannoli.

Sicily’s beloved dessert, the Cannoli, is an old-world specialty that has been delighting sweet tooths for centuries. With its perfectly crunchy shells and creamy ricotta filling, it’s no surprise why it remains so popular. Even better, you can easily find it all over the country. Follow the guide below if you would like to experience the most succulent Cannoli in Italy.

A Delicious Trip

When it comes to experiencing Cannoli at its best, a journey through Sicily is the best way to do it. As the birthplace of Cannoli, Sicily capitalizes on its classic flavors for a truly unique and unprecedented sweet delight. Here are just a few of Sicily’s best-known Cannoli-makers:

  • Sapori di Sicilia
  • Pasticceriaasocacita
  • La Fabbrica del Cannoli
  • La Torre del Cannolo
  • La Ola del Cannolo

These renowned stores are all great places to go for the tastiest Cannoli. However, you don’t have to limit your Cannoli-tasting experience to just Sicily. You can also find plenty of amazing Cannoli-makers in other regions of Italy, too. Here are a few of the must-try places:

  • Roma: Fiori di Cannolo and Chef Cannolo
  • Venice: Cannolificio Veneziano
  • Puglia: Pasta di Baba
  • Piedmont: Nico’s Cannoli
  • Liguria: La Favola di Sanremo

No matter where you find it, you’ll love every last bite of Cannoli. Even though it’s a classic Italian dessert, the creative recipes vary – from traditional to modern. You can add flavors like pistachios, almonds, chocolate, and even zesty lemon. Any way you try it, you can’t go wrong!


Q: What is Cannoli?
A: Cannoli is a traditional Italian dessert that is made with a tube-shaped pastry shell filled with a delicious ricotta cream. The filling can be flavored with chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, or other sweet ingredients.

Q: Where did Cannoli originate?
A: Cannoli originated in Sicily and has become a popular treat all around the world. It is believed that it dates back to the 9th century when it was made by the Arab population and introduced to Southern Italy.

Q: Is Cannoli difficult to make?
A: Making the dough for Cannoli is not difficult, but it does require a little bit of technique. The dough must be rolled thin and formed into single-serving tubes. Once filled, the Cannoli can then be fried or baked in the oven.

Q: How would you serve Cannoli?
A: Cannoli are often served on their own, but they also make an excellent dessert when served with some fruit or a drizzle of honey or syrup. The flavors of Cannoli are versatile, so feel free to get creative.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating a cannoli, you know how decadent and delicious this classic Italian treat can be. Whether you enjoy a traditional cannoli from Naples, or a more modernized twist, there’s something special about biting into its sweet shell and reveling in the rich and creamy ricotta center. Delizioso!

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